Your Sheet Music Folder for Orchestra and Piano

Magic Music Board for up to 5 sheets of music – handmade with much love for music in the Berolina Manufaktur

Magic Music Board: Sheet music folder for Orchestra Pianos Bands Singers Guitarists Children

The Magic Music Board is an innovative sheet music folder that prevents annoying pauses in turning the pages. The XXL sheet music folder was created to make it easier for bands and orchestras to play music and improve the listeners’ music experience.


Did you know that the pauses in turning the pages of your conventional music sheets are stored in the brain? It can take years to get used to these unwanted pauses when playing instruments. Playing pauses where there are no breaks and a music stand equipped with only two sheets of music is now a thing of the past. During the concert, flying white sheets are also prevented by the integrated rubber bands in the music sheet holder.


With the Magic Music Board, up to 5 sheets can now be positioned next to each other. Thus you gain more comfort when playing your notes and get a better overview. Even total scores can be played through almost entirely without a break. 


You, too, deserve to play music pieces as perfectly as possible and without great effort. Error-free music-making is what you can expect in the future with the Magic Music Board. Besides, your music sheets are perfectly protected from wear and tear during transport by the high-quality 400-gram cardboard laminated on one side.


With much love for music, the Magic Music Board sheet music folder is produced and processed in Berlin’s Berolina manufactory. The Magic Music Board is available in different sizes and is therefore perfectly suitable for orchestra musicians, violinists, bands, singers, guitarists, and most pianists and piano players.

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Your advantages with our music sheet folder

The Magic Music Board – The fold-out sheet music folder. Your perfect solution to playing notes without interruption. With the Magic Music Board, you can display up to 5 pages of notes next to each other on any standard music stand!

✔ Available in different sizes: 

35 x 84 cm for 4xA4 / sheet music

35 x 100 cm for 5xA4 /note sheets

✔ Material: High-quality black 400g per sqm fine cardboard 

✔ Now even more resistant for transport, thanks to 1-sided film lamination 

✔ Also serves as a writing pad for notes

✔ easy to place and fix on any music stand

✔ Supplied with four rubber bands to hold and organize the notes

✔ Folded together you can transport the music folder safely


This is the most straightforward, most useful idea I have ever come across. It supports 5 loose sheets of music or A4 pages. 6 stapled A4 pages also work very well. The elastic band is cleverly threaded to attach the sheet to the music stand. My conclusion: Simple but effective sheet music folder for musicians
Absolutely indispensable for pianos with integrated music stands, which are rarely designed for loose reeds. Thanks to the elastic cords, the music case extension from Berolina Manufaktur stays in place because the pianos do not fold back. Its large size allows the reeds to be aligned, which can also be fixed with the elastic cords.
notenordner klavier
Due to the elastic bands on the back, this music folder is well attached to the music stand. To put 6 A4 sheets on top of it, the sheets have to be glued together, because the sheets are a bit wider. With 5 sheets, you can also put them loose. To transport the sheet music, I simply fold up the folder, put it in, and then put it into the case.
Violinistin notenmappe
Plays music in a band

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How does the Magic Music Board work?

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Placing →

Placing on music stands

Before you place the sheet music folder on the music stand, bend the bottom edge strongly.


Mounting →


For a secure hold, attach the Magic Music Board to your music stand with the rubber bands on the back as shown.


Getting an overview →

Getting an Overview

For the uninterrupted playing of music, up to 5 note pages can be placed next to each other


Rare page turning →

Rare page turning

Fix your notes with the middle double rubber - you can freely choose the division for turning pages depending on the piece of music.


Organize →


Choose how you place music notes: With the two rubbers on the right and left you get much more possibilities of arrangement!


Transporting sheet music →

Transporting sheet music

After making music, fold up the Magic Music Board with the notes in it. The lower edge must not be bent inwards.

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